Unbroken beauty

Truth set free This is my story

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror no make up no manicure , no nothing . An said to yourself this is who  I am and like what you see ? DO you like yourself? or are we so programed to always wear make up have our hair done an spend so much time pleasing the world that we’ve forgotten the person within. Have you spent so much time shopping for making up clothing and hair product so people like us. So that someone takes notice. But when totally alone do you like yourself. We don’t always have to try so hard to fix the mold. You don’t have to continue to bend until you break. Don’t have to change a single. Just look in the mirror and see the inner beauty the confident person within. Listen to yourself realize that you don’t need to spend so much time pleasing everyone else around you. You have to only be true to yourself. You can allow yourself to love to love yourself. Because if you can’t love you then you’ll never love anyone else. Iv spent years pleasing everyone around me that I lost sight of who I am. Im slowly finding myself. Im honest and true and have no secretes left… well maybe a few… as we all do. But i know this to be true i know that Im stronger each day … and respect the woman iv become. <3


Local Lens: Reflections of Singapore’s Changing Cityscape

To see more of Singapore’s diverse architecture through the lens of a local, follow @_yafiqyusman_ on Instagram.

“The places I can go are limited,” says Instagrammer Yafiq Yusman (@_yafiqyusman_) of his tiny island-nation home of Singapore, “but the photo possibilities are limitless.”

Yafiq, who studied architecture in college, enjoys capturing Singapore’s rapidly evolving urban landscape through puddles left by the city’s tropical climate. “Singapore is a modernized country, but there are still places where you can see the olden days,” says Yafiq. “The alleys in Little India, China Town and Boat Quay are a few of my favorite spots and great for puddle shots.”

For more modern photo opportunities, Yafiq favors Raffles Place, a square surrounded by the city’s tallest buildings. And for those seeking respite from Singapore’s fast-paced metropolis, he suggests tracking down a hidden reserve called Punggol Beach. “The best time to visit is during the sunset. It’s beautiful.”

Sometimes I don’t understand why we hold so tightly onto the things we know will never change . Why we hold out hope that just maybe if we do one more thing for the person or we keep fighting maybe one day they will see. But the reality is they wont. They just take advantage . An all that hope turns into pain and deceit. An sometimes in all the deceit comes a glimmer of sunshine of light at the end of the tunnel and that being happy is ok. So find that inner strength find the beauty within